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1.The fishing permit should be carried with you at all times whilst fishing so that it can be shown when asked.


2.The sharing of a fishing permit or the transfer of a fishing permit to another party is forbidden. (Private rental might exercise different rules)

3.Mobile fishing is limited to maximum half an hour per pool.

4.The use of shrimps or prawns as bate is strictly forbidden.

5.The use of imported maggot is strictly forbidden.

6.The catch report can be delivered at the post box at the fishing spot Staten, Bjørlo-cabin or at Nor. The river owners will also accept catch reports.

7.Please do not tread unnecessarily on farmland, this also applies to parking.

8.Please do not litter in the environment.

9.Only park where allocated.

10.Remember to do a shell test together with the “catch-report”.

11.Because of the dangers of virus spread all fishing equipment must be disinfected before use.

Accepted equipment:

It is only allowed to use bait, spoon, spinner, wobblers and flies. At sea it is also allowed to use other organic bates. The local officer can allow other types of bate in the watercourses.

It is forbidden to use a fishing rod in such a way that the fish is in danger of being crooked. The distance between the “stem of the hook” and the “point of the hook” should no be more than 13 mm, for a single hook is no bigger than 15mm. The fishing rod and string should not be abandoned whilst fishing. A fishing card can be reserved.

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