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The Great Salmon of the Eid's River

The 22nd May 1944 was a historic fishing moment for Martin A. Hjelle. At the break of dawn he knocked on his brother Knut’s bedroom window and asked him if he would join him in a fishing adventure.

He had seen a gigantic salmon in the Hammar pool and decided it would be wise to bring a fishing net in case the fish would bite.

Knut got up and came along, the fish bit and after a long and tough fight the fish lost the battle but won a historic victory.

The fish was the biggest of it’s kind, fishing experts came form Oslo to do tests, measurements and weigh the salmon.

The female salmon was 7 years old and had come to the river for the 3rd time to lay her eggs. The weight of the fish (two days after she was caught) was 27,6 kg. The length was 129 cm and about 80 cm around the waist.

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